The North Shore of Oahu is a great place to spend a day and immerse yourself in the authentic culture and natural beauty of the island. Here are some of the highlights along this famous shoreline.

On the way to the North Shore, you can stop at Dole Plantation and buy uniquely Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs, and indulge in whipped pineapple ice cream made from fresh pineapples grown on the Plantation! A little farther up road you will come to the charming surf town of Haleiwa on the North Shore, where you can shop in unique stores and enjoy the local color.
Up the coast you can often see one or more endangered Green Sea Turtles that have hauled out of the water to spend the day basking in the sun.
You can also drive up the bluffs overlooking the ocean to the ruins of an ancient Hawaiian heiau (temple) and enjoy a beautiful view of Waimea Bay.

Farther up the coast there’s a roadside fruit and vegetable market where you can buy deep-fried banana “lumpias” (which are fabulous!) Across the road, there’s an almost deserted beach on a beautiful, secluded little bay.

As you drive, keep a lookout for thoroughly Hawaiian shrimp trucks. They provide a delicious and memorable option for lunch.
You won’t want to miss the photogenic little island known as “Chinaman’s Hat”. Your guide can explain the native Hawaiian legend about how it got there.

You also won’t want to miss a Japanese temple that is a scale replica of a 900-year old Japanese Buddhist temple, built entirely without nails in memory of the first Japanese immigrants who came to Oahu to work on the sugar plantations. You can ring the sacred “bon-sho” bell for happiness and longevity before entering the temple, where you can see an immense golden statue of Buddha. The large pond outside the structure is home to black swans and turtles.

Last but not least, you can visit a secluded little garden at the base of the Ko`olau mountains, where there are magnificent tropical flowers.

If you’re staying in Waikiki or Koolina, the drive back on the Likelike Highway or H-3 skyway takes you through magnificent mountain scenery with fabulous views of the ocean.

There’s not many other day trips in which you can see so much beauty and so many interesting places all in one day!